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Welcome to the Advanced Gro Hair

Re-Grow Your Inner Confidence!

Seeing your strands of hair in the comb undoubtedly turns your mood off! Losing hair is stressful for anyone, as it questions their self-esteem. Hair loss is a terrific problem for people with heavy hair loss, so thoughts about restoring it always hitch their minds. Are you one among them worried about how to restore your lost hair & flaunt a natural look with a head full of hair?

Leave your worries at the bay! Yes, you have just stepped in at your one-stop solution for all hair natural looking permanent hair transplantation & restoration treatments in India. Are you wondering if these treatments cost a lot of money & cause a lot of pain? Stop being confused. These are minimally invasive treatments with less pain & low cost.

We at Advanced GroHair, located at Adyar, Chennai, offer the best hair transplant & restoration services usingPercutaneous FUE Technique. We are a highly renowned hair transplant and restoration center offering a wide range of services. Our specialists at AdGroHairAdyar recognize every individual's concern and provide the most prominent solutions.

The hair transplant performed at AdGroHair is a mix of art & technology that serves every client with a customized course of treatment. Our transplantation sessions perform using handheld equipment for excision and site creation, as we believe the manual intervention always has its own creative & responsible element compared to the robotic systems.

Especially while analyzing the contour of the scalp, skin turgor, elasticity, required intensity of penetration, curl of the hair and acceptability, our expert surgical team's assessment plays a vital role. Our approach helps us in offering customized treatment & surgery choices to suit the constantly changing microenvironment in the person's donor area.

Apart from offering hair restoration treatment, we also cover cosmetic procedures such as Lip MicroPigmentation, Eyelash Extension, Microblading of Eyebrows & more. Our team of consultants & surgeons give you an overview of any process you undertake, explaining what to expect during the treatment & after the procedure.

All our medical staff are well qualified, trained and experienced, so you can relax as you are in safe hands for restoring your hair & redefining your beauty. For more details on our treatment and procedure, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Our Services

Advanced & Best in Class Technology For Cosmetic Care

Percutaneous Advanced FUE Hair Transplantation

Percutaneous Advanced Fue hair transplantation is an assured treatment that resolves all your hair loss problems with 100% natural results. It guarantees faster hair growth with no trace of transplantation. It gives a natural look with the illusion of your own hair growing on the scalp. We also assure to create maximum density with the advanced fuel method, which claims to be a highly advanced treatment close to natural hair.


Mesotherapy is a treatment for alleviating hair loss related problems caused due to hormonal imbalance and imbalance diet. The mesotherapy solution offered by AdGroHair Adyar is a non-surgical treatment to give you a well-nourished scalp and improved quality of existing hair.

AdGroHair Laser therapy for hair Restoration

AdGroHairAdyar offers laser hair therapy, performed using low-level laser light & medical-grade lasers on your scalp. The light is absorbed to enhance the microcirculation & deliver good blood supply & nutrients to your hair follicle, bringing down hair loss and aids in better hair growth.

Microblading for Eyebrows

Microblading for eyebrows is a procedure similar to the eyebrow tattooing process, where tiny needles uses to fill colorful pigments & create fuller-looking eyebrows. This microblading technique uses in the scalp & hairline, too, to emulate a natural-looking hair.

Eyelash Extensions

Giving you a fresh look by redefining your face with long & thick eyelashes now made easy with beautiful eyelash extension techniques offered by AdGroHair, Adyar. The dense high-volume extensions transform your face with a premium look & elegant appeal. Our custom-tailored eyelash extensions assure a 100% natural look & feel. Our competitively priced custom lash profiles come in good lengths, dense thicknesses & curvature to suit your eye shape and facial aesthetics.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP)

A procedure, which is in trend in many countries abroad, has now seen its entry in AdGroHair, Adyar. Scalp micro pigmentation is an advanced treatment in cosmetic procedures where medical pigments apply in the scalp's dermal layer to offer an illusion of natural hair follicles. Our scalp micro pigmentation surgeons creatively camouflage the blading area with a natural hair pattern.

Cosmetic Hair Systems

At AdGroHair, Adyar, we strive to deliver bespoke hair care treatments to give you a stylish look with our exclusive non-surgical hair replacement & loss solutions. Our professionals have an eye for detail and assure to deck you up in style with the latest hairstyle trends and advanced hair treatments. Our services customize to individual requirements & promise to style you up in the luxurious look you ever dreamedof!

Lip Permanent Color (or) Lip Micro Pigmentation (LMP)

Lip color is always in vogue when it comes to makeup. Here at AdGroHair, Adyar, we offer Lip micro pigmentation, a cutting-edge technique to replace your everyday chore of wearing lipstick. Our expert specialists infuse color pigments using intradermal micro-pigmentation to create a natural-looking lip color. Our treatment transforms even dark & small size lip shapes into fuller & vibrant lips. As there could be fading of colour, recommended for retouching after every 6-12 months.

Eyebrow Tint & Lamination

Well-defined brows are always an added advantage to your face. We offer Brow support to give a clear definition of your face. This technique helps in maintaining clean & clearly shaped brows at all times to enhance your appearance. We apply eyebrow tint at every end to get the color of the right brows. It gives you a symmetric and cascading effect on your brows.

Lash Lift & Tint

Eyelashes usually fall out & grow naturally within a span of a month to six weeks. Generally, mascara is preferred to create an illusion of lengthy eyelashes. In the lash lift technique provided by AdGroHair, Adyar, we perm the natural lashes, which lift & curl the eyelashes for a longer period. We also apply lash tint for a vibrant look, which lasts for about 4 to 6 weeks based on how fast your eyelashes grow. There is no downtime & lifestyle change for this procedure.

Why Choose us?

Life Changing Results Guaranteed! With Fuller Hair Forever.

Why choose Advanced GroHair, Adyar for Hair Transplant?

  • Minimal Pain
  • Higher Success Rates
  • Rapid Recovery
  • Thick hair Volume
  • Low Cost

For All Your HAIR Problems, We are Here:

The AdGroHair Percutaneous Fue method is the latest procedure. The specialists open up the hair follicles in the affected area with the help of a Titanium micro needle for strong implantation of the extracted bulbs by keeping in control the depth and direction of the follicles. It gives you the best natural-looking hair grafts.

At AdGroHair, Adyar, we are keen in blending technology & equipment with an artistic focus to provide the best-looking results for our clients.

Frequently Asked Question

“Why” “What” “How” of Hair Transplantation & Restoration

Yes. The transplanted hair removes from one portion of the body & injected into the affected part. The body accepts it as it is not a foreign tissue and re-grows in the same color, texture, and curl after transplantation. The vitality of the grafted follicle enriches with a good blood supply to the scalp.
The postoperative course is based on the instructions after surgery. The small scabs formed in the graft sites disappear after 4-7 days. Patients can shampoo their head 24hrs after surgery. The suture in the donor part is usually not visible & the suture in the transplanted part can remove after a week's time. Any strenuous physical activity can avoid for 5 days. Patients can take 2 days off from work for complete recovery. The grafted hair sheds after 2-4 weeks, and after 3-4 months, new hair growth begins with approximately ½ inch every month.
Patients at AdGroHair are generally surprised with how less the pain is as they take up the procedure. There can be minor discomfort as injected anesthesia into the scalp, but there is no sign of pain afterwards. We care for you completely & promise minimal pain.
Patients in their early 20s can take up hair transplantation treatment. If you are young, any future hair loss predicts, and our specialists suggest a suitable period for second hair transplantation at AdGroHair.
In the AdGroHair percutaneous FUE method, hair follicles extracted from the donor area, which has resistance to hair loss and injected in the areas with less hair/baldness with the help of special tools in such a way that there is no scar or traces.
Complete recovery from hair transplantation will take 7 to 14 days. Based on the surgery, FUE takes a shorter recovery period where you can resume your regular activities within 2-3 days by avoiding any tough physical activities. Getting back to work may prolong to a maximum of 14 days if you cannot wear a hat at work or if your work location is dusty or dirty.
The surgery happens for approximately 10-12 hours based on the requirement and size of the affected area.
Women have wonderful scope in hair transplants with a high success rate.
Hair transplants administer with waking sedation. The anesthetic used helps the patient feel no pain. A minor discomfort to expect while administering anesthesia subsided quickly. After surgery, we work with our patients for effective pain management; patients usually feel no pain post-surgery.
The complete results of your hair transplant will be evident within 12 months. You will have an appointment with our hair restoration surgeon during this period to access and track your growth. Generally, our patients see some very evident hair growth within 4-6 months.